How to draw a fox very easily

Drawing a fox would never have been so easy . Do you want to learn how to draw a beautiful fox easily ? You are in the right place ! Anyone can learn drawing. You don’t need to know how to draw perfectly well to take our drawing course for beginners , which are perfectly suited to your children. You will learn the basics very quickly and will be able to draw a red fox in just 10 steps (including coloring).

All you need to do is take a well-sharpened pencil (as sharp as the teeth of our favorite fox ), a white sheet and follow the steps in our tutorial. However, we do not recommend the pen. With this material, you will no longer be able to erase your lines: if you use it, it is important to make sure you have mastered your lines correctly and already know how to draw animals step by step. Our drawing tutorial is ultra-easy , suitable for children, beginners and even adults. We strive to make our tutorials as simple as possible so that the content is perfectfor young children. For all fox lovers, we have put together a collection of fox objects, accessories & gift ideas ?

Material adapted to draw a fox well ?

In addition to having the right materials, you also need to understand the different steps to discover how to draw a fox in black and white or in color. This is finally your very first step for a successful fox drawing !

  1. A pencil or a black marker for the outlines of the drawing. This will allow you to draw lines from the fox’s tail to muzzle!
  2. One or more  blank sheets
  3. Colored  pencils,  markers  or  paint to color the animal
  4. An  eraser  to correct missed lines  and draw a fox without crossing out

Step 1: The base of the head

  • Draw a well-curved freehand line to make the base of our little fox’s head. Any beginner should do it! These are small steps towards your drawing, but it’s easy and it gives you confidence for the continuation of the fox drawing.

Step 2: The top of the head

  • Draw lines similar to Step 1 and bring the two ends together. It starts by making an almond shape or an oval . You don’t have to quite make a semi-circle.

Step 3: Head features

  • Draw two small arches to finalize the head of your fox.

Step 4: Ears, eyes & nose

  • Start by drawing the two ears of our fox by making two pretty triangles above his head.
  • For the eyes, make two oval circles .
  • Next, for the nose and the muzzle of the fox, make a big dot (it doesn’t have to be perfectly round, draw a rough circle).

Step 5: The body of the fox

  • To draw this shape under the fox’s head, draw like the shape of a heart , but without the top. Ever want to add fur to your red fox? Patience, first learn to draw a fox as a whole before moving on to all these details.

Step 6: Both Front Legs

  • Draw the two front legs of the fox in a very simple way: draw simple lines and voila!

Step 7: Body

  • Continue drawing by drawing the body of the pin . Now you are starting to understand how to draw a fox, right? The result appears to you more precisely.

Step 8: Tail

  •  For the tail, draw the shape of a flame .

Step 9: How to draw the details?

  • Draw small waves for the tail details. Slowly, you can think about the color of his eyes, the size of his ears, the final shape of his muzzle ? Make a few new strokes and try some adaptations of the basic drawing if you wish.

Step 10: How to color a fox?

  • All you have to do is color it unless you prefer to leave it black and white.
  • You could also paint it with watercolor
  • Color it any way you like, with  pastels , markers , paint , charcoal , or colored pencils .
  • Now you know how to draw a cute fox.

 Congratulation ! You have just learned how to draw a beautiful kawaii fox! Your talents for drawing are no longer to be shown!

Conclusion to draw a fox easily ?

I hope you enjoyed our drawing course to learn how to reproduce a fox . It is really useful for the whole family to understand how to draw a fox quickly and efficiently. Do you have other designs to suggest? Did you prefer to draw him another muzzle or a different fur? Do not hesitate to send us your drawings at

A few tips for drawing your fox well

Did you find it difficult?
Do the features seem complicated for your children?
To help you,you can make sketches more or less respecting the proportions of the animal. What is your way of drawing?
Do you need more information?
Do you want to do any additional research on the web to understand how to draw a fox perfectly?
Do you prefer pencil or a marker in particular for
this drawing, which can be in color or in black and white
You could also try drawingcharcoal for a different style.

Start by drawing a sketch or outline of your final design. Make simpler shapes
and above all remember that we provide information to help you, but it is important to let your imagination run wild. The results don’t matter; in the end, it ‘s fun and progress that are most valuable to us!

Add details for more realism

To complete the drawing, you can add other elements to it such as
shadows , mark the
outlines , or simply make the fox more
realistic by assisting with the details. Or it’s up to you to turn it into a
manga style , with a bigger outline. No need to measure and be too precise, do as you wish and your fox drawing will be perfect!

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