How to draw a dog easily?

Hello dear friends of the farm, will you also be interested in canids? You’ve come to the right place, because today we’re going to teach you how to draw a dog ! Our drawing lessons offer you a guide developing step by step the realization of an element of fauna or flora in adequacy with the farm.

Let yourself be tempted by this drawing tutorial on the dog, which is accessible to all thanks to its simplification, its many explanations and its playful and funny format. Alone or in a group, children or older, beginners or professionals, this guide will teach you how to draw a dog in a simple and successful way at all costs. In addition, we will provide you with all our advice for the best success of your work of art .

If you want to follow our tutorial later or simply have it on paper and not digital format, we inform you that our drawing lessons are printable at the bottom of the page. For all lovers of doggies, discover our collection of objects and gift ideas on the dog dog

The materials needed to properly draw a dog

  • A charcoal, a pen, a pencil or a simple black marker to make the outlines of your sketch.
  • A bunch of blank sheets or just one if you’re sure of your skills.
  • To give life to your drawing, you will need paint (gouache or water-based), markers, colored chalk or colored pencils.
  • A pencil sharpener or any accessory that allows you to have the best possible material to successfully color your cute little dog.
  • An eraser so as not to leave bad lines on the drawing and thus have the best possible final sketch.
  • Take a deep breath, the tutorial will begin! Don’t forget that you can print it out and do it whenever you want and with whomever you want.

Step 1: The dog’s mouth

  • Before you start drawing , make sure you have the necessary equipment on hand: pencils, pens and a support on which to draw, whether it’s a white or colored sheet… Let’s go!
  • The first stage of the drawing is the realization of the animal’s mouth , this stage will allow us to give it all its olfactory capacities.
  • Nothing could be simpler, in the center of your sheet draw an oval shape ! A round or slightly wackier shape will also do the trick.

Step 2: The dog’s head

  • To complete our little dog’s head, we are now going to create the top of his head and a little muzzle .
  • Draw an inverted U shape or bridge over the lip from step one, going from the left end to the right end.
  • Now for the muzzle, nothing could be simpler, just draw a circle or a triangle with rounded corners. It must be high and centered at the lip.
  • If your elements are not well placed do not panic we are sure that the result will still be perfect.
  • In case, use our sketch below to know where to place the elements:

Step 3: The dog’s long ears

  • The third stage of our sketch is the ears .
  • The dog’s ears can be of all kinds depending on the breed, here we have opted for long droopy ears , but you can also draw pointed ears that go up (in the shape of devil horns).
  • For nice big droopy ears draw an ear on each side connecting the top of the head to the bottom side of the muzzle.
  • The size and shape may vary there is no standard, it’s up to you to be imaginative and leave room for your creativity.

Step 4: Eyes and Mouth

  • We promise we will make the last facial features of our little doggie.
  • Starting with the eyes , for that nothing could be simpler, at the level of the head draw two circles, above add two curves which will represent the eyebrows of the animal .
  • If you want to give him a particular look you can modify the shape of his eyes, but also the angle of his eyebrows .
  • For the mouth now draw a line starting from the middle of the muzzle and going down to the middle of the lip. From this end, draw two curves on each side.
  • For more realism you can also add whiskers to your dog sketch at the level of its muzzle.

Step 5: Body and front legs

  • Now is the time to give our canine the opportunity to walk, chase the ball and go for long walks with its owners.
  • Draw the dog’s paws , start in the lower part of your sheet.
  • Start your first paw on the left, in the continuity of the dog’s head so that it is not wobbly, for this draw two parallel lines which at the end will be joined by a paw or an oval-shaped line.
  • Repeat this same step on the right of this first leg to create the right leg , try as best you can to make the legs perfectly equal in all respects.
  • For beginners don’t worry! It’s okay if it’s not perfect.
  • Finally to finalize the body you just have to sketch a large line which will start from the bottom left of the bine, which will go down to the “ankles” of the animal and which will go up to the right side of the chops.

Step 6: Tail and Hind Legs

  • Hang on you’re already at the penultimate step of the cute farm dog sketch .
  • As for the hind legs, draw two small circles on each side of the animal’s body.
  • Finally for the tail just draw a tail on the right or left side of the animal as you sink it! Start this tail from above the hind legs.
  • You can let your imagination run wild and give it the size and shape you want!

Step 7: Coloring the dog

  • This is the last step! Now for the most fun activity of this tutorial. It’s up to you to give your new pet the colors you want.
  • Did you know that there are 333 dog breeds? Your imagination will therefore naturally turn to one or the other of these breeds.
  • Let’s go for the coloring; colored pencils, markers, chalks … it’s up to you.
  • The little farmer chose to color his beloved dog in all shades of brown.

Conclusion to draw a dog super easy

We congratulate you once again on the beautiful dog you have just created… This dog certainly already has a pedigree! Is it to be adopted?

If you want to know more about dogs here are some anecdotes:

  • The dog is a breed on its own, which includes 333 different breeds.
  • Dogs live on average 9 to 14 years depending on their breed, their size, their lifestyle …..
  • Dogs have been man’s best friends for many years and are today the favorite animal of the French.
  • They are known to have an extraordinarily developed  sense of smell and hearing .

To improve you, we offer you some tips for success

  • Give way to your creativity, drawing is an activity and not an obligation. There are no predefined rules, it’s up to you to create your own rules and your own style.
  • Do not be afraid to use different materials , to reproduce the designs trying new styles, new colors ….
  • Don’t give up, you can start over as many times as you want, plus you can erase your mistakes.
  • To accentuate the realism of your drawings worked shadows and shades .
  • For a less realistic result corresponding to the domain of manga , fiction or cartoons, we advise you to accentuate your lines (preferably black) by making them much thicker.

More designs are waiting for you

If you liked drawing this little dog, come and discover all of our courses in drawing farm elements. A lot of new challenges await you.

Whether you did well for the drawing above or the result was a little less conclusive, can you test your skills again with the drawing of a cow, a fox or a rabbit? Certainly the canine did not inspire you enough.

All of our tutorials are simple and accessible to the greatest number of people so that they can enjoy a friendly and fun time regardless of their age and level. So what will be your next challenge?

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