How to draw a rabbit

Learn by following our tutorial to draw a rabbit step by step. It’s really very  quick,  easy  and suitable for practically all ages. Your little one will love it! You just need to follow the steps to learn how to draw an adorable kawaii bunny

If your child asks you how  to learn to draw  a rabbit, all you have to do is show them by following our little easy drawing course  for beginners. We like to keep things simple, so we’ve simplified this one as much as possible while keeping things cute in  sketch form . You will practically just have to follow the  contours .

We wanted things to be quick,  easy ,  and cute . You can make a tabby, tortoiseshell, black and white, black or even pink and green striped bunny – we’re not here to set the rules let your imagination be your guide. It’s up to you to make a realistic or rather cartoon-oriented drawing. Drawing animals would never have been so easy and intuitive.

By the way, did you know that rabbits are very playful animals ? – Charles the Little Farmer

The material you need to draw a rabbit well ?

  1. A  pencil  or  a   black marker for the outlines of the drawing
  2. One or more  white sheets to complete all the steps
  3. Colored  pencils,  markers  or  paint to color the animal
  4. An  eraser  to correct missed lines

Step 1: The Rabbit’s Body

  • For the body, start by drawing a ” bell ” shape.
  • If you find this shape too difficult, we can suggest that you first draw a circle shape or rather a semi-oval shape .
  • You have just made the outline of the body of your dear rabbit

Step 2: Bunny’s back legs

  • Next, draw the two small rabbit legs by making the bumps. It’s very easy to draw on paper for kids, don’t worry!

Step 3: Front legs

  • Now trace its two front legs . These are two relatively simple forms .
  • Also line up the line at the bottom that connects its legs.
  • Finally, draw the shape of her belly

Step 4: Ears and pasta details

These steps are important for bringing your rabbit’s body and head to life on paper. Are you wondering how to draw beautiful ears for your rabbit and properly finalize its legs?

  • Pencil the shapes on both legs of the rabbit: 3 small dots per leg and a new shape resembling a carrot  ?
  • Then make a kind of inverted V for each ear .

Step 5: The rest of the ears

  • Continue drawing his ears by making two more pencil strokes. These beautiful lines drawn by your children are part of the final stage of drawing itself.

Step 6: The details & the coloring of the rabbit

Do you like to see your children coloring and let their imagination run wild? Follow the evolution of their drawings and leave them free to color ! Whether they prefer to add purple whiskers, draw an extra little blue mouth or big yellow eyes and a thinner tail , their bunny will be wonderful!

  • Complete the ears and draw a bunny’s head.
  • If you want, you can also add a little  shadow (or grass) under the bunny. It adds a nice touch to the design.
  • It remains only to color the drawing you have just made.
  • You can also have fun adding the shadows below the bunny.


Congratulation ! You have just learned how to draw a kawaii bunny. You are naturally good at drawing!


Conclusion to learn how to draw a rabbit very easily

Now you know how to draw a beautiful cartoon rabbit. I hope you enjoyed this bunny drawing tutorial for beginners and helped you understand how to draw a cute bunny! This is one way to easily draw a beautiful bunny, but there are many more! Larger, smaller rabbits, sitting on the side or in a little weird positions. You can find everything on the Wb. But this cartoon bunny is sure to appeal to all children, that’s for sure!

How to draw all farm animals?

Regarding our drawing tutorials to learn how to draw beautiful farm animals, you don’t need to be a
professional designer . If, for example, your little one has trouble making a circle, that’s okay, the drawing doesn’t have to be perfect. We teach you how to do it and then, with practice, you could make the drawing that you like the most?

Some advice to become a drawing specialist

It may be easier for little ones to follow the outlines to draw a bunny. The more he practices, the better his drawings will be. Keep them in a pouch so you can show him when he’s older. Over time, his drawings will get better and better, provided he
practices fairly regularly.

Draw whenever you want

To perfect your drawing techniques, as soon as you have five minutes, have fun taking a
pen and a sheet of paper and then drawing something close to you. Very quickly, you will become extremely good at drawing!


To accentuate the cartoon effect, you can mark the contours with a black marker. This is a very effective technique that will give your dear rabbit a cartoon , manga , or even
cartoon style . To take care of your rabbit on a daily basis, we invite you to take a look at our care guide for rabbits from company

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