How to draw a chick?

We welcome you to our new drawing course, which is as interesting and fun as ever. Learn with us how to draw a chick with this easy to follow step-by-step drawing guide . This tutorial will show you how to draw a kawaii chick in cartoon style.

We offer you simplified and fun content that is suitable for everyone: beginners , experts , children or adults. You will be able to draw a chick in no time and this very easily, whether you are alone or with others.

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The material you need to make a beautiful little chick

  • For the outlines and the first lines of your little bird you will need to bring a pen , a pencil or pencil or a marker (we recommend black, but you can opt for any color such as yellow for example)
  • You will also need a paper support ! It’s up to you to choose your favorite material, whether it’s a classic white sheet, a cardboard sheet or a colored sheet (be careful, choose a light color so that the little chick can see itself). You can also choose the dimensions of your sheet and the shape: square, rounded, A4, A3 … and many other solutions.
  • The last step will be to give life, in other words color , to your little feathered animal, for this let your imagination speak. We can advise you on felt-tip pens, colored pencils, neon lights, paint, oil or water-based paint, gouache, charcoal, chalks or greasy chalks, glitter…it’s up to you. to see !
  • To be able to correct all the imperfections, you will need an eraser ! Be careful not to press too hard when drawing the first sketches of the chick.
  • For a material in good uniform you will also need to have a pencil sharpener and an impeccable lead so as not to smudge!
  • If you prefer to work with a paper version of our drawing course then this is possible just at the bottom of the page. No need for a computer, battery, internet connection or other and above all we avoid disasters.
  • Our last tips before starting the tutorial are to be patient and creative . Our drawing lessons are manual activities that aim to teach you how to draw while having fun, so don’t put pressure on yourself and focus on having fun and entertaining yourself.
  • If you are ready we can now start making the chick!

Step 1: The chick hairstyle

  • The manga and cartoon style chick has like a pretty lock on her head, it’s her hairstyle. She really makes him too crunchy and cute.
  • To draw her ” hairstyle “, you will draw a shape resembling the number 3 slightly tilted, a similar shape will do.
  • In this part, nothing very complicated. We start our tutorial very easily ^^
  • Besides, don’t worry if your sketch doesn’t quite look like our illustrations, they are simply there to guide you and are not to be taken literally. We believe in you.

Step 2: The Head of the Chick

  • Now we can trace the features of the chick’s head .
  • In the center of your sheet, you can draw a circle or an ellipse shape. This will start from the right end of the wick and will go up to join the top of the wick.
  • It is practically identical to a circle or an oval ! In any case, the shape does not have to be perfect, the drawing will be perfectly successful regardless of the success of the layout.

Step 3: Eyes and Beak

  • Now we are going to draw the cute face of the chick. His eyes and his beak will give him a more pleasant and even more stubborn look.
  • For the eyes, you can simply draw two  full or empty circles, it’s your choice. For the beak then you can try to get as close as possible to this shape or simply draw a rectangle that will point down from the head.
  • Now your chick can see and peck! You start to bring it to life

If you like this cute little animal as much as we do, we have selected
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Step 4: The Body

  • For details, you can finalize and finish the small beak of the chick, this step is optional, draw a small line in the center of the beak.
  • Let’s get to the body ! For that, nothing could be simpler, you will be able to draw a semicircle under the animal’s head. Which will start from the bottom left and go up to the right side.

Step 5: The Bird’s Wings

  • It’s time for this chick to start trying to fly, so you’re going to give it some wings. Draw a series of wings on each side of the beast, starting from the bottom of the head and going down the body. For more realism draw the wings with a few curves or “waves” which will represent its feathers in a minimalist style.
  • You can also draw the details of the feathers under the head, drawing it like a collar or a scarf.
  • Do you like feathered animals? We have made just for you a tutorial on how to draw a turkey easily , you will be served pen level!

Step 6: Both Legs

  • We are at the penultimate stage of the realization of the chick, it is a question here of drawing its cute little legs . Simply draw a straight line from the body, you will need two: one for the left leg and one for the right. Finish with a few lines for the feet, we recommend 3.

Step 7: Coloring the adorable little chick

  • We are almost at the end, you will see your little chick come to life with this last step which is none other than coloring .
  • Here you can use the material you want, but also the colors you want. It’s up to you to use your imagination, you can also draw sorts of “spots” or patterns. We decided to color our chick with very basic colors: yellow !
  • It’s up to you to choose your favorite chick model.

Congratulation ! You have just learned how to draw a beautiful chick! It seems that you are a real professional designer, what surprises are you still hiding? Come and learn how to draw all the other farm animals .

Conclusion on how to draw a chick easily

The chick is one of the most adorable animals on the farm, it is loved by everyone and likes to be pampered and complimented. But beware, it’s a real headache, he loves to tickle others. Yet we can’t do anything but forgive him, he’s really too cute in his little shell and he’s so young. If you want to learn more about this little bird, Charles Le Petit Fermier gives you some interesting and surprising facts about the chick:

  • The chick is a small baby bird , it emerges from the egg laid and brooded by its mother. There are all breeds and therefore all colors: from the mythical yellow chick, to white and through black.
  • The chicks are very quickly independent and capable of great things, indeed from their first day of life, they are able to eat, drink and walk alone. The hen still continues to protect them against certain enemies such as the cold or predators.
  • The chicks live with each other the first times of their life, they need very special attention: it is the chicks .
  • You have to get the chick used to the outside world and to the other animals in the bass court, don’t panic, its mother takes care of its integration particularly well. The latter does not take place before the four weeks of the little beast
  • The chick needs a small cozy nest , which can be easily made with the means at hand. There must be something to absorb his droppings and something to insulate him from the ground and therefore from the cold.
  • The chick is cold , very cold… that’s why he likes to warm himself near a heat lamp and near his mother’s body heat. Be careful not to disrupt its life cycle by turning on the heat lamp day and night.
  • From its four months the chick can join the group of adult hens , they must still continue to be wary, because the latter can become violent towards them, it is the law of nature and the strongest…

Some advice to be able to succeed all your masterpieces

We hope you are proud of the result obtained and that your little chick lives up to your expectations. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to take this drawing course and try to improve yourself: nothing is better than practice. We give you some tips for success for your next creative challenges:

  • Be in a pleasant space , there is no headache to have and no pressure to put on. You will in any case succeed in your drawing, we give you all the keys in hand, and it is not because your final rendering is different from ours that you have not succeeded far from it. Our tutorials are very simplified and fun , use your imagination and let your creativity speak. Moreover, there are no predefined rules in drawing, it’s up to you to let your heart speak, your desires and your feelings, in other words you have carte blanche.
  • We have defined a preliminary list of materials that you may need, but be aware that this list is not fixed and that you can use any kind of supplies. All ideas and all kinds of originality are welcome, if you have a particular sensitivity to a technique or material then get started.
  • This is not a contest, but just a little drawing guide to improve yourself and why not impress your loved ones. You can also use the Le Petit Fermier drawing lessons on farm animals as a challenge , but above all, no pressure!
  • Our courses teach you how to make very simplistic drawings that fit into the style of cartoons, comics or manga. If you want to have this result more then we advise you to draw thicker lines (outlines) .
  • If, on the contrary, you want to work more on the realism of the drawing, then we advise you to work on the shadows and nuances of the animal.

Come practice and learn to draw all the farm animals

The whole Little Farmer team hopes that you liked this simple and detailed tutorial and that you had fun learning how to draw a little chick. If you want to learn how to draw the other animals that inhabit our countryside, discover all our other drawing lessons  , be it the cow and its horns, the rabbit and its little tail, the cat and its little ears, the caterpillar and its long body or the rose and its delicious perfume:

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