Another taste of pineapple, the salty and sweet yin pineapple is a good dish

Another taste of pineapple, the salty and sweet yin pineapple is a good dish

Pickling and fermenting ingredients has been the practice of preserving food since ancient times, and because of this preservation method, we can taste the different flavors of ingredients. In summer, pineapples are sour, sweet and hydrating, which is the season!

The pineapple is pickled and made into a pineapple bean paste that is easy to use in cooking and seasoning – yam pineapple, you can taste the salty and sweet pickled pineapple! How to make pineapples? How to cook the food? The nostalgic yam pineapple has a good taste, making it a refreshing appetizer!

Yin pineapple is also known as pineapple bean paste and pineapple sauce. If you have eaten pineapple and bitter gourd chicken soup, the subtle taste of bitterness and sweetness is due to the embellishment of yin pineapple and fresh pineapple.

Yin pineapple is pickled and fermented with fresh pineapple, salt, sugar, soybean meal and licorice slices, etc. It is pickled with salt and sugar , and the beans used in Yin pineapple are soybean meal (soy bean koji), which is It is also the main ingredient used in brewing soy sauce. Adding soybean meal to Yin pineapple can help increase the effect of fermentation .

The process of making pineapple

To make yin pineapples, you need to choose fresh pineapples, and pineapples with good sweetness can make yin pineapples with good flavor. First mix the salt, sugar and soybean meal, cut the pineapple into chunks, prepare a clean glass jar without moisture, and slowly stack it into the jar with a layer of pineapple and a layer of marinade , and finally put it on the jar. A few licorice flakes add flavor.

Cover the lid with plastic wrap, and then seal the bottle tightly. During the process, make sure that your hands are dry and that the bottle and ingredients are not affected by any raw water. There is a practice in the market to use rice wine to rinse the soybean meal first, or to drizzle a little rice wine on the bottle before closing the lid and sealing, in order to reduce other miscellaneous bacteria and increase the antiseptic effect.

After sealing, it is necessary to observe whether there is mold at intervals. If moldy mold filaments appear, they should not be eaten. If they are well preserved, they can be enjoyed after about 3 months .

Yin pineapple is a good helper in cooking. Use bitter melon in summer to cook pineapple bitter melon chicken soup, so that the soup has a sweet taste. Not only can you cook bitter melon soup, but also a small amount of Yin pineapple can be added to boil radish and pork ribs soup. If you want to change the taste of ordinary stir-fried vegetables, when frying bamboo shoots, bitter gourd, asparagus, and water lotus, add pineapples!

When steaming the fish, chop the pineapple chunks of the yin pineapple into small pieces, add garlic and shredded ginger on top of the fish and cook. The yam pineapple sauce can reduce the amount of soy sauce and salt added, allowing the fish to absorb the salty and sweet taste.

It takes time to make traditional pineapples. If you want to eat delicious pineapple dishes, take advantage of the sweetness of the pineapples, and join us to pickle them!

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