How to fry green vegetables without getting too old and losing flavor

How to fry green vegetables without getting too old and losing flavor

When cooking green vegetables, some people like to use high heat to fry green vegetables, but when frying green vegetables, if the soft and hard characteristics of vegetables are not well grasped, and if they are fried for too long, they will easily be too dry or too old. Oil, may also be easy to eat more fat. How to make vegetable dishes delicious and healthy? Use boiling water to quickly scald vegetables, master the time, and add salt, soak in ice water and other techniques to make the vegetables green and retain their flavor:

│Traditional practice 1│Fried with fire

Chinese people like to cook ingredients with high fire and fast frying. The shiny appearance is easy to arouse the appetite, but fast frying will increase the burden on the body. If you change the method, you can still eat delicious food.

Once, a student who knows cooking skills discussed with me how to stir-fry green vegetables quickly. It turned out that the chef divides green vegetables into soft and hard vegetables, and the two cooking methods are different:

practice 1 soft vegetables

Water spinach, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, etc., are cooked as soon as they are fried, but the temperature of the pot should be hot, and the oil should not be too hot, otherwise it will be easy to fry dry.

practice 2 hard vegetables

Kale, choy sum, and Qingjiang vegetables are not cooked immediately after being fried.

From a scientific point of view, stir-frying green vegetables with high heat can taste the crispness of green vegetables, but from the perspective of physical health, green vegetables fried with this method are unhealthy, and it is easy to release a large amount of oxalic acid, which will increase the risk of stones if eaten in the body for a long time. In addition, fast-frying meat slices and fried rice with high heat, because of the rich oil and fragrance, it is easy to eat excessive fat, salt and seasonings, it is easy to store calories, increase the probability of obesity, and harm your health.

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Hot water to fix the green → pour hot oil

Using the boiling water blanching method, the oxalic acid, residual fertilizers and pesticides contained in spinach, sweet potato leaves, spinach, and green vegetables can be dissolved in water, reducing the probability of eating a large amount of oxalic acid and bad ingredients. The enzyme inactive is inactive, you can taste the crisp taste, then pour hot oil, put some salt on the blanched green vegetables, mix well and eat, it is both nutritious and delicious.

1. The fire should be large and the amount of water should be slightly more.

Purpose: To prevent the water temperature from dropping sharply after the vegetables are put down.

2. Dish off after the water boils, and pick it up immediately after the water boils again.

Purpose: It will be more crisp and delicious, and the time of blanching green vegetables should not be too long, so as not to damage the vitamins.

and affect the taste.

3. Add a little salt to the water.

Purpose: It can speed up the greening, make it greener, and reduce the loss of minerals and vitamins in the vegetables.

4. After blanching, put the vegetables in cold or ice water.

Purpose: To remove the spicy and astringent taste of vegetables.

Hot water to turn green → saute garlic → Mena soy sauce

Use boiling water to scald and kill the greens, cook the vegetables, put them on a plate and let them stand, then use another pot, put a little oil, saute the garlic (or sliced ​​ginger, scallions) until fragrant, drizzle the vegetables directly, and then add the Mena soy sauce to Add taste.

Delicious Key: Mena Soy Sauce

1. The ratio of oil to soy sauce is about 3:1.

Purpose: The temperature of the oil and soy sauce mixture needs to be greater than 120°C to produce a sizzling smell.

2. Heat the oil, turn off the heat, pour in the soy sauce and boil for a few seconds, when you smell the aroma of the stuffed beans, set it up for later use.

Purpose: It is soy sauce with mellow and delicious Mena flavor.


Boiled green vegetables will reduce the problem of residual pesticides and nitrate fertilizers, but lack of bursting flavor, many people will reject blanching green vegetables, change a small method, use the Mena soy sauce method to enhance the taste, you don’t have to eat so painfully.

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