Mung bean soup and porridge clear heat and relieve summer heat and help detoxify.

In the spring, the sudden drop or soaring temperature makes people feel dizzy and in a trance. If you have a bowl of cold mung bean soup when the weather is hot, it will undoubtedly be a dessert antidote to relieve fever and stabilize the mind. Mung bean has long been recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: the smell is sweet and cold, non-toxic; it reduces swelling and reduces qi, suppresses heat and detoxifies; nourishes vitality, harmonizes the five internal organs, and calms the spirit, etc. Every sentence records the therapeutic effect of Xiaoxiao mung bean. How to cook mung bean and mung bean soup? What should I pay attention to when cooking?

Mung bean soup and porridge clear heat and relieve summer heat and help detoxify.

Mung bean efficacy: to eliminate heat and relieve summer heat, detoxification holy product

The advantages of mung bean diet are numerous, mainly to remove dryness and heat . Mung bean is a cold and cool food material with a sweet taste . Especially for relieving summer heat and quenching thirst in hot weather, using mung beans is a good countermeasure, which helps to expel moisture from the body and remove heat from the body.

Can’t everyone eat mung beans? specific ethnic groups

Mung bean belongs to whole grain cereals, which contains protein, vitamins A, B, C, E, etc., and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium are quite rich. Its protein is high, even better than some meat, suitable for general diet, vegetarian food supplement, the starch content of mung bean is high, so it is easy to feel full, and a large amount of consumption will cause difficulty in digestion and flatulence. Mung beans are suitable for spring and summer consumption, and the effect of clearing heat is indispensable. However, the ingredients are cold and cool, and most people can consume them in moderation. However, there are still taboos for certain groups, especially those with cold body and bad stomach . It is not suitable for people with kidney disease due to its high potassium content .

How to cook for daily maintenance? A cup of mung bean water, a bowl of mung bean porridge

Since mung beans help to get rid of anger, there are two suitable maintenance options for eating. If you think boiled water is bland and tasteless, you can use mung beans to boil mung bean water in hot weather. For the unbroken mung beans, only take mung bean water and drink it in moderation on hot days to help dissipate heat, and use the remaining mung beans to cook them into porridge.

When the body is hot and lacks appetite, and the energy is not good after drinking occasionally, boil the refreshing mung bean porridge , which helps to reconcile the stomach, detoxify and detoxify, and eliminate heat . This time, instead of using ordinary white rice, use brown rice, barley, oats, etc. Complete the mung bean multi-grain porridge, which combines grains in one pot, rich in nutrients, seasoned with a small amount of brown sugar and rock sugar, and eaten warm, smooth and appetizing.

The cold mung bean soup in hot weather saves the hot soul. The mung bean soup is made by soaking the whole mung bean for about 2 hours before boiling it, and then the mung bean and garlic dessert is made of “mung bean kernel” after peeling the mung bean. ” . The steamed mung bean kernels are boiled together with brown sugar, with a thick taste after thickening. This traditional sweet snack is refreshing and refreshing, and it is still an unforgettable eating memory for many people in hot days.

Ingredients mung bean/green adzuki bean
Production season and production area Mostly planted in spring and summer, and can be harvested after 3 months/Southern regions such as Chiayi
Nutritional Features Protein, vitamins A, B, C, E, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, dietary fiber, etc.
selection rules The color is emerald green, no yellowing, and the particles are similar in size.
cooking step 1. Cook the mung bean soup: Soak the mung beans for about 2 hours, boil the mung beans and then simmer them in the pot.


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